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Merry Melee is a small company dedicated to creating fun for the purpose to -
Help people connect with others, have fun, relax, get their anxiety out and off their minds for a while, have fun exercising with others while playing a game. They don’t have to pay a ton to have fun.

As a single mother for 20 years there were times that were very stressful in my family. I used play as a way to break tension, build relationships, and even learn new things!

There was one particular time right after I bought my home in Kaysville, Utah when me and my two teenagers were moving in, unpacking, on a late (and hot) August day. We were sniping at each other, tired and hungry. I could feel the tension building. My daughter opened a large box and found our living room pillows and immediately attacked! My son and I grabbed as many pillows as we could, started whooping and hollering and chased each other out the front door and down the sidewalk. We threw pillows at the kids we passed. They picked them up and joined in! Their dads and moms came out to see what was going on and a few joined in while others just laughed!
Ten minutes later we were done, laughing and happy, and we had met all our neighbors! What could be better than that?

Several years later we have decided to share the fun with the world. It's amazing what play can do for you and for your family. It's the best medicine, teacher, and connector!

I'm looking to build a few small ads that tell this story and similar ones like it so others get the why behind our store quikly. Why it matters to set our lives up with opportunity to play and why play makes such a deep difference in everyone's life.

I appreciate you and all you are. You love play as much as I do!

See you soon.


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